President’s Message


The role of KHIMA President is a complex role that I do not take lightly. My 20 years of experience in various Health Information roles, as well as, working with exceptional leaders has prepared me for this role. My goal for this year is to provide leadership for the delegates and board and to inspire others to be involved in KHIMA. As I consider this year as President, my goal is to increase participation across HIM. Therefore, my slogan for this year is ‘ALL IN 4 HIM’.

I enjoy the HIM field because it is a constantly changing field with new challenges each day. Healthcare is the same. What was yesterday, has changed today. AHIMA is also changing – preparing us for the future by ensuring we are involved in the critical discussions with Legislators and other Healthcare decision makers. This is not a time to be afraid of change but to embrace it and move forward. We can and should want to do this!

We need more involvement by you! The opportunities are endless but to name a few: to volunteer at a meeting, to participate in a committee, or to be a speaker for one of our meetings. We also need to promote our profession. Like it or not, we all need to continue to learn and grow. AHIMA was created to lead health information, elevate the record, and impact health therefore our work is not done!

I heard from many of you during our last annual meeting that you wanted KHIMA to offer educational opportunities in other parts of the state. I took your feedback to our board as a request and desire that I wanted to try to accomplish this year. We are making that happen and will have our first Western Kentucky meeting in many years in March.

Now is the time, more than ever, to showcase our work, tell our story, and show our value. No one is going to know what we do, the expertise we bring, and the value it adds until we tell them!

Our profession is evolving and we have the knowledge and experience to influence the next chapter of HIM & Healthcare. It is our time to get involved. It is our time to help bridge the gap for the change that is happening. Let’s decide to be informed, to be proactive, and to lead the way! Let’s go ALL in 4 HIM!

Kimberly Sargent, RHIA, CHPS, CRCR