About KHIMA Committees

The below committee descriptions entail a high-level overview of each committee’s purpose and responsibilities.

Committee appointments run from July 1 – June 30.

Advocacy Committee

To keep the KHIMA membership informed on all legislation that affects health information practices.

Major Responsibilities

  • Keep up-to-date with current legislation and regulations affecting the health information management profession
  • Notify members of legislative updates through emails and website
  • Develop and maintain a grassroots network of the membership by Kentucky legislative district

Awards & Scholarships Committee

To administer the distribution scholarships that grant recognition and economic assistance to outstanding Kentucky students pursuing a career in health information management. In addition, the Committee is responsible for selecting recipients of awards that recognize KHIMA members of special accomplishment.

Major Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the silent auction held at the KHIMA Annual Meeting.
  • Promote KHIMA awards and scholarships.
  • Create and maintain applications for KHIMA awards and scholarships.
  • Review applications for KHIMA awards and scholarships.
  • Recommend recipients of KHIMA awards and scholarships to the Board for approval.

Bylaws Committee

To assure that the KHIMA bylaws reflect the needs of the Association and remain in conformity with the requirements of the American Health Information Management Association.

Major Responsibilities

  • Suggest and receive proposed amendments to KHIMA Bylaws
  • Submit proposed amendments to the KHIMA Board for review and coordinate the approval, rejection or correction of the KHIMA Bylaws following the steps as presented in the KHIMA procedure manual

Education Committee

To provide educational programs that help KHIMA members meet their needs for professional growth and maintain their credentials and to keep the membership informed of other appropriate programs or educational material sponsored by AHIMA or other organizations within the area.

Major Responsibilities

  • Provide educational programs that help KHIMA members meet their needs for professional growth and maintenance of their credential(s)
  • Organize educational programs with the approval of the Board of Directors
  • Plan the educational sessions for the KHIMA Annual Meeting
  • Solicit exhibitors and sponsors for the KHIMA Annual Meeting

Event Planning Committee

To work closely with the Education Committee to determine the purpose and scope of the education event. The Committee is responsible for making all arrangements at the venue, including food, conference space, decorations, lodging, and possibly transportation.

Major Responsibilities

  • Work with the Education Committee to plan the event details of the Annual Meeting
  • Select and reserve the dates, locations, and venues of the Annual Meeting
  • Negotiate the associated contract(s) associated with the Annual Meeting (i.e., hotel, conference center, after-hour event).
  • Create the theme and logo for the Annual Meeting
  • Select decorations and decorate the Annual Meeting venue(s)
  • Select food and drink options for Annual Meeting breakfast, lunch and after-hours event
  • Plan after-hours event

Finance Committee


To support and serve as a resource for the treasurer as well ensure proper internal auditing when transition occurs between treasurers.

Major Responsibilities

  • Serves as resource council for the treasurer
  • Completes internal audit of finances on an annual basis

Nominating Committee

To develop a slate of candidates for the annual election of officers and delegates as directed by the KHIMA Bylaws.

Major Responsibilities

  • Identifies candidates for the election
  • Manages Board of Directors ballot coordination
  • Sets up ballot in AHIMA’s electronic voting system

Student Engagement Committee

To increase student involvement through overseeing the student ambassador program and coordinating student-related educational programming.

Major Responsibilities

  • Solicit and select four (4) student ambassadors for the KHIMA Annual Meeting
  • Plan the educational sessions for the student track for the KHIMA Annual Meeting
  • Solicit one (1) student representative from each Kentucky CAHIIM accredited program to sit on committee as a student member for the committee term