Features for the Employer Seeking Candidates

Note😕 Please realize that the steps below must be completed before any listings can be viewed.

  • Cost:?$150 per 30 days for UNLIMITED job postings. Payment must be received before Job Posting can be fully completed.? Once payment is received an e-mail will be sent to Employer by KHIMA’s Liaison for information needed to post job listing directly within KHIMA’s web-site.? (please allow 2-3 days for e-mail to be sent with?information needed?after payment received)
  • Job Listing😕 Jobs will be listed directly within KHIMA’s web-site now on a Job Posting Page that anyone can access and see all job listings available by Employer.
    • Items that will be posted:? Job Title, Contact Email, Brief description of job, link for job seeker to click on and post resume directly on employer’s site.
  • E-mail Notice of Job Postings to KHIMA Members😕 Upon receipt of any new job listings for Employer(s), an e-mail notice of posting(s) will be sent to all KHIMA Members with valid e-mail addresses.
  • Posting Length😕 All jobs will be listed for 30 days and will remain on web-site until Employer requests removal or account is closed.


Make a Payment

Note: Please note American Express cannot be used but any other type of card payment is accepted.

After first month, 30 days after job was posted to site, invoice will be sent on monthly basis around the same date each month unless otherwise specified.

Contact us at:?khima@khima.org for more information or if assistance is needed.